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Fran Reisner of Journey In Focus

Fran Reisner, an international award winning photographer, has a passion for capturing the beauty of this world in her images.  After earning her BA degree in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute located in Santa Barbara California in 1985, Fran operated a successful photography business in the San Francisco Bay area for a number of years. When life took her to Texas in 1997, she reastablished herself in what would become a highly acclaimed portrait/wedding studio in the Dallas area. There she is best known for the innovative style of her imagery, bringing out a sense of warmth and sensitivity in her portraits, creating storytelling images… always delightful to the eye, as well as the heart and soul.  [Fran’s Portraits]

As a means of staying true to her art, Fran nurtures her passion with a periodic “journey of discovery”. In the fall of 2006 her journey led her to Italy, where she captured the grace and beauty of this country in evocative studies of light and shadow. A number of these images can be found in her first book, A Personal Renaissance, a limited edition, self published coffee table book. Her second book, The Dogs of Central Park,  published by Rizzoli Universe, was released in the spring of 2011 to rave reviews. Fran dedicated this book to “all those who give so selflessly of their time and efforts on behalf of the millions of helpless animals around the globe,” and donates part of the proceeds from every book purchased directly through her to animal rescue organizations.

Fran’s journeys have taken her to many foreign places, but recently she has been wandering closer to home. Home being all over the US. With a few precise destinations in mind she meanders from one to the next with her dogs, Jazzy and Sadie, discovering and photographing the amazing diversity and beauty of our country. While traveling she is working on more books in her dog series, including The Mountain Dogs of Colorado. 

Fran has been honored with her Photographic Master and Craftsman degrees, has won numerous national and international awards for her work, has been awarded three times as Dallas Photographer of the Year, and was chosen by Canon as one of their elite “Explorers of Light”. She is an international speaker, has been published in more than 30 books and magazines and has been featured on both Good Day Dallas and Good Morning Texas.

You can learn more about Fran on a personal level here in “Me in a Nutshell?”.

19 thoughts on “Meet Fran

  1. Way to go Fran……I am so proud of your courage and strength !!!! Sure wish you would have come thru Fremont and picked me up. Have several places for you to check out in Colorado and Wyoming. Have to dig out Tom’s fishing notes to give you accurate directions, I’ll get that done in the next couple of days. Love you, Sandy

    • Thanks Sandy. I promise I will see you on my journey. I’d love to know where Tom loved to go in CO and WY! I’d be surprised if the Frying Pan River was not on his list if he did any fly fishing. I’ve been driving along this river for the last several days and it’s loaded with men and women swinging fly rods. SOOOOOO beautiful! Especially with the turning Aspen’s as a background.

  2. Thanks for visiting Estes Park, Colorado. I ‘m sure you got some fantastic photographs of this beautiful area.
    You must return in the Summer and Fall months to capture
    more of its splendor.

    • Nice meeting you in Estes Park Floyd. I’ve always thought it was a beautiful place and I will indeed be back this summer. Maybe see you then!

  3. Fran,
    I saw your segment and interview on “Daybreak”, the local Dallas-Ft. Worth ABC affiliate morning show today. Congratulations! I’m envious. I’ll keep following your website and am enjoying your images. What fun. Make the most of it!


    • Thanks Joe. It’s good to know people I don’t even know are joining the journey virtually! I’ll continue making the most of it.

  4. Hi,
    I just found your site as I was doing a search for information on friends with Belted Galloway cattle in Cape Elizabeth Maine – and your image # 2891 is just striking – I was married in the church in the highlands (as they are called locally) in 2006. We live here in Jefferson on a reclaimed (expanding) farmstead, where we raise grass fed/finished beef from our herd of Belted Galloways, -additionally I work in a Fire Tower summers,Bert is a Forest Ranger for the State, and with my husband we produce our own Beef Jerky in a special production building on the farm. Spring here is spectacular,especially new calves.
    Your work catches the essence of many of the places and the soul and heart of why we live there. Would you sell a print of the church – unfortunately we did not have one taken on our special day – yours would be the finest! Next time you journey though we hope you put Otokahe Farm on your list of stops – we can point you in direction of several hidden in plain site treasures that you as an artist and photographer would enjoy. Many Many safe journeys, kris

    • I loved that area! And the Belted Galloway’s were adorable. If I get back that way I’d love to connect and see more of your favorite treasures. I do sell my images Kris. Let me know what size you have in mind. Thanks!

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  6. Message to Fran about possibly showing at the Broadway Gallery as a feature artist in 2015 on said:

    Hi Fran
    My name is Scott McRae and I am chair of feature artists at the Broadway Gallery. I am asking that you to show at our co-op gallery in 2015. We have a large room that can hold 15 or so pictures. We also have a wall space that is a smaller space. We feature four artists a month. Please let me know if you would like to feature with us.

    Scott McRae

    • I would be interested in visiting the gallery and discussing the details Scott. Will make arrangements to visit when I return from my travels in Canada.

  7. Your photography is still as intimidating as it was the first time I saw your images 10-years ago. Truly stunning images.

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