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We are on the water again!!

Saturday, May 4th, we departed Bellingham Harbor for a long summer voyage through Canadian waters. Here’s the scoop….

We had a very full month of bottom painting, teak refinishing, new prop and shaft, new electronics, and sorting through what we had to move to the boat. (At writing I can already think of things I forgot, and things I should have left behind. ?)

Sanding I prep for new bottom

6 coat of bottom paint? Aye aye Captain!

Looking… blue!

She’s gettin, gutted of old electronics

Summer Breeze getting wet

Dropping the mast back in place


Not long after dropping Summer Breeze back in the water, Elissa arrived for a brief visit! We still had lots of work to do to get ready for four months of sailing, but I took the time for another hike at Whatcom Creek, which John and I discovered last fall after we hauled-out and waited for brake work on the motorhome, before setting out in that.

Fran Reisner, Journey In Focus

my girl

Whatcom Creek Falls

More Falls at Whatcom Creek


We also got out on the water to give Summer Breeze a quick test drive on a particularly windy day. We were joined by Elissa, and her friend Kirk, and also our friend Raymond, who happens to be the enthusiastic owner of Gizmo these days. John and Raymond never run out of things to talk about! ?  And the good news… our boat still floats!

Skipper John and Kirk

Fran Reisner, Journey In Focus

Doing what I do…

Elissa lovin’ on her girl, Sadie

Raymond thinking, “I may need to get a bigger boat!” ??

Fran Reisner, Journey In Focus

Snuggling our boat dog, Sadie!

Washington State, USA

Sailing below Mt Baker

Mt Baker breaking free of the clouds

Fran Reisner, with her roadie, Sadie... Journey In Focus

I think we’re ready!


And a few crazy days later we were on our way… under sail even! We departed from Bellingham Harbor early afternoon on May 4th. Four months of nautical bliss ahead. We have some definite destinations planned, and a lot of unknowns in between. First stop is Sucia Island, just because we loved it twice already, and it’s not too far from Bellingham. Princess Louisa Inlet has been calling us back since we left there. Desolation Sound, which we immediately turned back from last summer because it was filled with blinding smoke. Haidi Gwaii is a destination we are really excited about. And… weather permitting… we’ll circumnavigate Vancouver Island. It’ll look a wee bit like this, but keep in mind I drew this with my finger on my phone. ?

Very rough sketch of our summer


Leaving Bellingham

Sadie, working on being that “chill boat dog” again

Dozing Sea Lion

Best buds, these two

Arriving Sucia



I still have my two remaining posts in the hopper from our RVing adventure, which I hope to finish up soon. After those two posts, I’ll be back to our nautical travels on Summer Breeze. Right now I’m actually close enough to mainland to tap into two bars of data service off my phone. Tomorrow… we head into Canada, so who knows. Stay tuned!!

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