Can You Hear Me Now?

Friends… It was recently brought to my attention that my last blog post email link was not working. Come to find out the post had disappeared from my blog… along with three others. The last four posts I worked feverishly to get live… GONE! (Technical error where it’s hosted, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Ranting will only make me feel worse.)

Those of you who follow faithfully know I struggle to keep up with this blog. Between my daily forward motion, connectivity (or lack there of), and the time involved in sorting through all the images I shoot, uploading them and writing about our experiences in the most meaningful way I can muster… it’s just difficult to keep up.

It means something to me though, to share the experiences and incredible beauty with those who appreciate it. The problem is… I don’t know who’s following the journey anymore. Another technical glitch (some time ago) resulted in the loss of all of my followers. All those who signed up for email notifications and had been following the journey for some time were no longer getting those emails, and I had no way of contacting them. It was traumatic for me, and there was nothing I could do.

So here’s the deal; I need to hear from you. If you’re there, let me know. You can make a comment below, or send me a personal message if you prefer. As I struggle keeping up I sometimes wonder if my efforts serve a purpose. Do you enjoy what I write about, or do you just look at the pretty pictures? If the images are my purpose it would be much easier to keep up on Facebook and Instagram.

Please take a moment to let me know you are there, and feel free to chime in with any thoughts as well as suggestions on what I might do to improve the experience for you. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Oh, and no post of mine can go live without something pretty to look at. Here’s a peek of where I’m camped right now… Saguaro National Park in Arizona. (It’ll take me a lot of time and connectivity to catch up with where I am.)

Thank you all!

Saguaro National Park, Arizona


14 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Love this image! In response to your query, I do love reading your blog entries. However when life gets busy, which it often does, your photos do an excellent job of telling the story. There are many times that I just scroll through your Facebook photos to see what you are up to. So, if it is stressful for you to keep up with the blog, and with Facebook and Instagram being so easy for posting and commenting – give yourself a break and just go there:) At one time we had considered blogging our RV adventures, primarily for ourselves as kind of a “journal”, but when it started to sound like too much “work”, we opted for just sharing our adventures with family and friends via social media.

    • Thanks Angie. I appreciate your comments. It’s a love/hate thing for me. Technology. Without an audience my imagery goes nowhere, which is a bit hard to take after a lifetime of “communicating my vision”. I’ll be seeing you when I get back to Florida!!!

  2. Hi Fran,
    We love your blog. The images are great but the words are important to us.
    And we don’t do facebook.
    Mike and Mom

    • Thanks Mike. I’m not giving up yet. Hope to have something new for you to read soon, but I’ve got to get the deleted ones back up first. ?

  3. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs as they are wonderful travelogues to many areas I haven’t seen & others I enjoy revisiting.

  4. Hi….we love your blog. It is interesting to hear your story and see the beautiful national parks you have visited. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time and effort. We met you in Grand Marias, Minnesota and have enjoyed following your adventures ever since. Thank you.
    Elaine and Bob Rohloff

    • Thanks for chiming in Elaine and Bob. It’s good to know I didn’t lose all my followers when my email list disappeared from my database. It’s good to know you’re enjoying the blog still!

  5. I read your blog via Feedly so I don’t get any emails from you (or any others), I just read all the blogs I follow when I have time to catch up. I’ve actually wondered how that works for bloggers as you have no idea who and how many follow this way. I look at Facebook every now and then, but I’m personally pretty sick of it so I try to avoid as much as possible.

    But all that being said, it should totally be whatever you want to do without causing undue stress or anxiety! I’ll take whatever I can get, your photos and accompanying stories are wonderful! So many places we have been on our Harley’s, so it’s fun to have another set of eyes/different perspective!

    • Thanks for your note Susan. I love that you are still out there enjoying the posts. I’m not familiar with Feedly, but as long as it keeps us in touch I’m happy! Once I get the missing posts redone I’ve got a lot of really good stuff to catch up on. ?

  6. Hi Fran, in a few words “keep up the good work. I have enjoyed following your blog since you hit the road years ago. I feel we are kindred spirits. I am a fellow RVer and photographer. So I enjoy reading about your travel adventures and seeing your excellent photos. Your recent National Park tour is much appreciated. My wife and I spent 9 weeks visiting many of the parks that you are seeing right now and you are bringing back many great memories.

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