Just Another Fork in the Road

Hello friends, family and followers. Many of you have inquired so I thought I should post a status update. I apologize for my absence. It’s not unlike me to go silent for some time between posts. Those quiet times are usually due to lack of internet connection and a busy travel/adventure schedule. Both were factors this time too, but much more has happened since my last post. First of all, I continued on my 5000 mile trek through some rather remote parts of Canada (AMAZING images and stories to share from there!) Then… three days before I was scheduled to cross back over the border into Washington I ferried across the Straight of Georgia from Vancouver Island and made my way up the mountains to Whistler in the pouring rain. I was no sooner settled in just before dark when I got a distressing call from my ex-husband. My daughter, Elissa, had been hospitalized after having two back-to-back seizures.

Long story short, in a state of panic I left my motorhome behind in the campground and raced through the night in the pouring rain, arriving at my brother’s home in the Seattle area at 3am. There I was able to leave Jazzy and Sadie in their care and hop on a flight to Dallas. The good news is Elissa is okay. The seizures are still unexplained, but she’s on meds to help control them.

It took two weeks to make my way back to Canada to retrieve my motorhome. In the mean time I made a decision to relinquish my “full-time” status in order to be close to my parents in SW Washington. I can’t explain in brief what a big adjustment this has been… and continues to be… for me. This week marks the third anniversary since I set out on my journey. Hard to believe I’ve been on the road that long actually, but I have come full circle in that time, through the entire continental US and a good portion of Canada. I know just how blessed I have been by the sights I’ve seen, the friends I’ve found time with, and the others I’ve met along the way.

I said from the get-go that this was not just a photographic journey, but a spiritual journey as well. I’m not looking at this as the end of the journey, but simply another fork in the road. I will continue with my adventures including some travel, but not limited to where I can get to in my motorhome. Once settled here in Washington I will tackle not only my Canada posts, but others I’ve hoped to write and haven’t for lack of time. I still have much to share I assure you, so please stay tuned.  The beauty of Banff National Park is coming soon!

I want to thank those of you who reached out in care and concern about my silence. I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and well wishes for my girl! And as always, thanks to all for being a part of my journey. It certainly wouldn’t be the same without you!

With my daughter Elissa

With my daughter Elissa

4 thoughts on “Just Another Fork in the Road

  1. Just came across your site while googling Haines Falls NY as I was contemplating purchasing a small cabin somewhere. However in reading many of your posts about your motorhome travel, I want to go back to my original plan which was to get a motorhome lol. Your posts have very much inspired me and thank you for that. Great blog.

    • Thanks for the note Debra. I’m glad to know you’ve been inspired to see this great country! If ever you were to tire of the mobile lifestyle you can fall back on the cabin plans. 🙂

  2. Hi Fran,

    I was so happy to see your post. Glad to hear your daughter is doing well. Love your attitude and perspective on life. Enjoy what ever comes your way. Hope are paths cross again.

    Love the Semeniuks

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