2014 Calendar Now Available at Pre-print Pricing!!

The design of my 2014 Calendar is finally complete! This is always a time consuming project, but rejuvenating for me as well. It means digging through a years worth of images which allows me to relive the moments. It’s always a reminder of just how many amazing places I’ve had the opportunity to visit. This collection represents my second full year on the road… highways, trails and waterways across the country. Year two’s journey meandered from Maine to Florida, back north again all the way into Canada, and back across the US to my stomping grounds in Washington. The resulting images are a tribute to the never-ending beauty of nature.

Until October 31st the calendars can be ordered at a pre-print discount of 10%. Orders will be shipped the first week of December, just in time for holiday and hostess gifts!!!

For ordering see the “Art, Books and More” tab.

Cover Mt Rainier sm

2014 Calendar Promo Page sm

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