Trips and Trails and Puppy Dog Tales…

…That’s what this journey is made of! 🙂  Those words came to me with a smile as I was driving down the highway with my lovable dogs, Jazzy and Sadie. As wonderful as this adventure has been, it would certainly not be the same without them. They help ward off the loneliness that might set in while traveling the country alone.

I’ve traveled many miles, and through several states since the adventures I’m about to share, and it frustrates me once again that I have so much catching up to do. Journaling my travels in this blog is important to me for many reasons, but it can be time consuming and tedious as well. It’s especially hard to attend to when I have an opportunity to spend time with friends (old and new), or I’m driving, or have places to explore (which is pretty much everywhere!) But sharing my adventures allows me to relive the moments, and keep those who care about me apprised of what’s happening in my life. It also fuels my journey in a way. If not for this blog (and Facebook) I would not have the means to share my adventures with so many, and honestly… it’s the sharing and interactions that keep me inspired. I was discussing this with a friend the other day and thought of that age-old question… “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?” If not for my friends out there who are tagging along and enjoying my journey virtually… I wouldn’t make a peep.

That said… this post is going to be a bit short on words. I have a lot of ground to cover today and I don’t want to get any further behind on blogging than I already am. It’s a harder decision than you might think… cutting it short. I know that many of you enjoy the stories, but honestly… when I get back-logged I start feeling overwhelmed, and the stress and pressure of my past life has a way of sneaking back in. So, executive decision of the day… do a quick post and get your butt down the road!

When I left Ithaca I made my way up to the Adirondacks. With autumn color setting in, even in the pouring rain every mile was even more enchanting than the last. We found a campsite in Old Forge and did a lot of hiking in the rain. I really don’t mind hiking through a forest in the rain. It brings out a deep earthy freshness… and never fails to take my heart home to the woods of Washington.

Serene Lake

Zippy and The Beast in Old Forge Camping Resort

From Bald Mountain, near Old Forge

Whitetail Deer

The girls LOVE hiking off-leash


They were framed! 🙂

Campsite visitor

With the limited window of autumn, and several states to cover, I had to tear myself away and keep moving down the highway. Routes 28, 30, 3 and 86 took me all the way to Lake Placid. Along the way I literally felt my heart beat faster as I came around corners to scenes like these!!!

Seventh Lake

Wild flowers AND Autumn color

Tupper Lake

When I arrived in the town of Lake Placid I found a place to park The Beast, and took Zippy and the girls for a side trip out to Mt. Jo, which was highly recommended by a gentleman I visited with at one of the many places I pulled off to enjoy the beautiful vistas above. I was promised an amazing view from the top, and set out knowing full well that unless the rain let up I was not likely to see much. But… it meant another hike in the woods,  so I didn’t let that stop me.

1980 Olympic ski jumps, Lake Placid

The trail up Mt. Jo

From the top of Mt. Jo

Soaking wet at the top of Mt. Jo

Before heading across Lake Champlain I found a place to camp in Au Sable. The scene below was an unexpected surprise as I drove across the river to the campground, and I had promised myself if the light was good in the morning I’d make a side trip back before continuing the journey eastbound. The light did not come… only more rain… and the coast of Maine beckoning me. Sandwiched between New York and Maine lie Vermont and New Hampshire, two more gorgeous states! They’re next!

Again, sorry for the brevity, but I know I will feel a bit “lighter” as I journey forward today!

Ausable Chasm

21 thoughts on “Trips and Trails and Puppy Dog Tales…

  1. Hopefully you have found some sunnier weather! Beautiful pictures, as always. I stumbled upon Au Sable a few years ago on a trip to NY. I’ve been hoping to go back and tube the river (as soon as I finish NH) Safe travels.

  2. Wow. I can almost feel and smell the changing leaves in the rain. You find and capture the most incredible places. Looks like the puppies are loving all the new and varied venues.

    • It’s incredibly easy to find plenty to shoot out here, even in the pouring rain. And the dogs are always happy, no matter where we are. They especially love it when I find places they can run off-leash.

  3. Great pictures–I especially like the “framed one”. Love the way you love your pups. You’re right. Life is not the same without them. As far as blogging…I enjoy reading so much, but miss one day and it’s difficult to catch up.

  4. Beautiful pictures!! I live about 2 hrs from Old Forge and we go there a couple times a year just to take it all in. Janet loves all the little gift shops, and all the deer hanging around town. The MaCawley mtn chair lift offers some amazing scenery looking down on Old Forge and some of the lakes during the summer.

    • There are a few places on my journey that were difficult to drive away from, and all of upstate New York is high on that list. There is no doubt my journey will bring me back. When it does, I’ll have to check out the MaCawley Mountain chair. Thanks Ron!

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