Sunrise on the Teton’s!

I fell asleep before hitting the “publish” button last night, so I’m doubling up on my posts today…

I was awake before the alarm clock in the morning and didn’t hesitate to jump out of bed. I knew the Teton’s were just outside my door… and about to come to life. I wasn’t disappointed. What a spectacular place! I’m sure these mountains look even more majestic covered with snow, but as a background to the beautiful autumn color in this surrounding valley… spectacular! My roadies joined me for a morning stroll along Hwy 191 in Moran. (Very quiet and little traffic)  Again, no car, so I’m limited to walking distance. That says a lot for the beauty of these places. Most of what I’ve captured has been right along or very near the highways. Just think what treasures are hidden down the “road less traveled”! When I get to Washington I’ll be looking for a car to tow!

I keep meeting the friendliest horses along the way! They must know a horse lover when they see one, but it’s such a treat to have them walk right up to me… curious… cautious at first, but after a few short sniffs of my hand barely brushing their muzzle they seem to look at me and say, “Yes, you may touch me now.” as if granting me a wish. As the weather gets cold (and it is.. at night anyway) their coats get thick and soft as silk. Such a tactile treat!

After my morning walk/shoot I hunkered down to accomplish more of my “list”. It’s getting shorter, but it’s still a long list. One of my tasks was to prioritize the list. So here I sat… working diligently in my RV, trying to get caught up… and after awhile I’m glancing out the window thinking “This is just wrong!” I googled my next destination and set sail. I’ll save those OMG moments for tomorrow. Until then, enjoy sunrise in Moran Wyoming…

3 thoughts on “Sunrise on the Teton’s!

  1. Wow! I sat down to check out your blog and I love it! You are so talented and I’m so happy that your loving what you do again! Already! It shows in your portraits. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us. Your friends Elaine and Mark

    • Thanks Elaine. It was such a pleasure to see you two again after all these years. You haven’t changed a bit! I just posted a pic of us yesterday’s blog post. Hugs to you and Mark!

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