My Three Favorite “F” Words… Fun, Food and Friends!

As I prepare to leave southern California today I reflect once again on the special time I’ve shared with friends along the path of my journey. I feel tremendously grateful and blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. None more wonderful than one of my oldest (as in we’ve know each other a VERY long time) and dearest friends, Kathleen Kelly. Although we haven’t lived near each other in well over twenty years, and often go too long without talking, each time we get together it’s as if we were never far apart. Kathleen and her super cool husband, Monte, have a charming home with a spectacular view on Point Loma. My girls and I had the pleasure of being their house guest while my RV was in the shop for break work. With no shortage of things to talk about we spent a lot of time doing just that. I introduced Kathleen’s daughter Karly and her fiancé Matt in an earlier post. There’s also Jessica (my flower girl many years ago) who is just as sweet and darling now as she was then. They also have four pets (shown below), my favorite being Max, their adorable 140 pound Great Pyrenees who tried like heck to be my lap dog.

Hanging with the Kelly critters... Max (in lap), Baby (snuggled close), Mikey (roosting in her favorite spot on back of sofa) and Rico (sharing kisses)

The view from Monte and Kathleen’s place changed by the hour. These are just a few taken while I was there.

We had one particularly fun evening with the whole gang, along with their good friend, (who is now my good friend), John. My turn to cook and I chose one of my favorites; fresh egg rolls. The night was filled with smiles, laughter (often hysterical), egg roll wrapping lessons and a really yummy dinner. (I’ll share the “how to” below)

Cooking up the veggies with Karly and Matt

The demonstration... How to Wrap an Egg Roll

John proved to be a very skilled egg roll wrapper 🙂

While I'm up to my elbows in egg rolls Kathleen steps up as photographer (and didn't do a bad job I might add) 🙂

One of those particularly hilarious moments

Thanks again Kathleen and Monte, for sharing your wonderful home, your precious pets, and your family and friends with me (and Elissa and “the girls”). We enjoyed our time immensely!


Egg Rolls are a fun and refreshing meal. Start with a bunch of your favorites veggies (and meat if you choose although I’ve never felt the need to add any.) I tend to go with broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, onion, lots of garlic, bean sprouts, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment. Egg roll wraps can be found in the produce section by the tofu and such. (be sure to check the ex. date!) I double wrap mine unless the wraps are particularly thick and that depends on brand. The only way to know is to buy them and see. You’ll also want some dipping sauces, and there’s so much to choose from… plum sauce, soy, hot mustard (look in Chinese foods section for ideas) but regardless of your sauce choices sesame seeds are a wonderful addition when dipping.

LIGHTLY sauté your veggies in a bit of oil. Unless you like mushy veggies and mushy egg rolls like you get in the restaurants this is important. El dente on the veggies keeping in mind that they will cook even further when you fry the egg rolls themselves. I like my veggies crispy. Follow the wrapping instruction on the package since I can’t stand over your shoulder and show you. It’s kinda like folding a diaper. If you’re double wrapping, wrap one and then roll it into another (not at the same time) and seal with dollop of beaten egg with your finger. Fry in medium to medium/hot oil turning all every few moments as they become golden brown. Drain on paper towel and enjoy!!!

Because of technical difficulties this post did not go out this morning as planned. I am now in Wickenburg Arizona. New scenery and more friends. 🙂

11 thoughts on “My Three Favorite “F” Words… Fun, Food and Friends!

  1. We loved every minute with you. Wish you could continue your travels while remaining close by, but I know that’s stupid. Just wishful thinking. Your animals here miss you. Humans too. xxxooo

  2. Thanks Michael.

    I feel the same Kathleen. It was so nice to hover close to many dear friends while in southern California. It seems to be a pattern. Journey alone… hover close to family. Journey alone… hover amongst friends. Each time I set out alone again it’s like a new segment of my journey. And with each segment there’s no telling what’s around the next bend in the road. I guess that’s part of the joy. The anticipation. Hopefully this new segment will result in another book! Love and hugs to all!

  3. Love the post. I know what you mean about friends you rarely get to see but when you do it’s like you were never apart, outside of needing to catch up on news. I have a dear friend I met in kindergarten that is like that. I know you probably have friends in every state. What a wonderful journey, in so many ways.

    • Thanks Marla. Yes, one of the blessing of speaking across the country is that I’ve made friends across the country. Hope to see all of them! 🙂

  4. Hi Fran, great website! Came to us compliments of John.(our harmonica player and friend) Love the pictures at Kathleen and Monte’s…look forward to meeting you in person on your return to San diego.


  5. Fran, do not even really know you but traveling along with you ,your dogs, and friends has been amazing! when you get back to san diego please tell us. We usually always have some homemade tequila. cannot travel ourselves until October because we both have too much work. We will go to zion, then who knows. Your travel logs will really help us thanks!

    • Thanks Shelly. It’s probably not too hard to get to know me through my writings since I’m pretty much right out there with my thoughts. I’d love to run into you again and will keep you in mind when I find myself traveling back toward San Diego. Until then… enjoy the travels.

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